Buried Diffuser Advantages

    The Buried Diffuser is a highly efficient technique for underground irrigation. Scientific results and successful experiences in different farms in arid and semi-arid regions prove the advantages of using it (click here to download the advantages list).

Great irrigation water saving

    This saving reaches 100% for the irrigation of the trees using Buried Diffusers. The comparison, outside, of Buried Diffuser with surface and drip irrigation, during 2 months of summer 2012, demonstrates the superiority of the Buried Diffuser in water saving. 61 days after the irrigation, The Buried Diffuser allowed to save 34 % of the initial irrigation water amount when the surface irrigation allowed only 3,4% and the drip irrigation allowed 8%.

An important reduction of number of irrigation

    This is a result of water saving which prolongs the duration between two irrigation. This was confirmed by the comparison of irrigation of ornamental plants in containers using surface irrigation and Buried Diffusers. The results of this trial show:

  • After 2 months, the water content in the containers irrigated by Buried Diffusers is 89 and 91%. For the surface irrigation the values are respectively: 51 and 54%.
  • After 4 months, the water content in the containers is : 22,6% and 20,6% for the surface irrigation, and 81% and 84% for the diffuser.

This means that in a programmed irrigation, when the water content in the containers reaches 50% of the field capacity, the periodicity of irrigation is 2 months for the surface irrigation and 6 months for The Buried Diffuser.

Important crop productivity


    This was demonstrated, in the farmer field in the oasis of Regim Maatoug (Desert of south of Tunisia). For full conventional water volume (500 litters per plant during the cycle), the production of 112 pimentos plants irrigated using Buried Diffusers, is 716 kilograms. In the drip irrigation, the production of 112 pimentos plants is 141 kilograms. That means that one litter of water produces one kilogram and 432 grams for The Buried Diffuser irrigation and only 282 grams for the drip irrigation. For the same irrigation water amount the diffuser produces 3 to 5 times more than the drip irrigation.

Energy Saving


    The Buried Diffuser works with gravity as well as the conventional water pressure. When using gravity the irrigation is non stop during many days because there is no use of expensive pumps and there is no associated maintenance costs.

Reduction of water vapor in the atmosphere inside the greenhouses


    0% water evaporation is observed when using The Buried Diffuser. This has a good impact by reducing the development of diseases. This low rate of water vapor inside the greenhouses, facilitates the movement of pollen and increases the rate of flowers producing fruits which has a very good impact on crops production.

Reduction of soil salinization


    When using salty irrigation water (3 to 5 grams salt per litter), the soil salinization can have serious impacts on the productivity and on the soil quality. The Buried Diffuser can actively reduce these impacts. This reduction is estimated to 9000 kilograms per year and per hectare (with irrigation volume of 10000 cubic meters with 3 grams per litters salts, 3000 cubic meters of the volume are evaporated). 

Better look of landscaping areas


The irrigation water distribution network could be totally buried (10 to 20 cm below the topographic surface). This will also make longer its lifetime and reduce its degradation by sun, animals, humans...

Important Reduction of:

  • Labor for the maintenance of soil: weeds pulling out, irrigation frequency, mulching actions, etc.
  • Fertilizers amounts, because there is less degradation of the fertilizers, and less loss by leaching. This reduces the pollution of the ground water by the leaching chemical components.
  • Herbicides and pesticides because there are no weeds in the irrigation by Buried Diffusers (for vegetable fields and trees plantations). This is a great contribution in the protection of the environment.
  • Air pollution resulting from the use of treated waste water (for irrigation of the recreation and green areas).

You can download the list of The Buried Diffuser advantages.