The Buried Diffuser

Underground techniques by Chahbani Technologies

    The Buried Diffuser is a new technique for underground irrigation which can be used for trees (fruit trees, forest trees, ornamental trees) and shrubs, vegetables in fields and in green houses and plants in containers, pots or boxes.

We also, highly recommend, the use of the Buried Diffuser for anticipated irrigation and water injection and storage in the deep soil layers. These latter concepts are a real innovation tested and approved in different arid regions.

The Buried Diffuser is, with no doubt, the most efficient technique to bring water to the roots.

3 Buried Diffusers for 3 different uses

We design and manufacture three different Buried Diffusers. Each one has its own technical details which make it the most efficient for its specific uses:

Specific uses of the Buried Diffuser

    The Buried Diffuser can be used in rain fed agriculture, as well as for tree crops and some annual crops to tap roots (maize, sunflower, etc..).

In addition to the regular irrigation, The Buried Diffuser can also be used for the anticipated irrigation and water injection in the deep soil layers, a new technique which is exclusively settled down by CHAHTECH.

    The goal of this new concept is to save and conserve the huge quantities of water received during the wet season, for the next dry season. More than that, we can store the huge quantities of water received during the wet or rainy years to be used during the long dry period (till 3 years).

Anticipated Irrigation and Water Injection are tested and approved solutions for drought mitigation and for climate change adaptation.

The injection of water in deep soil layers from retention structures

    This injected water is used by some arboriculture taproots cultures during the summer and drought periods. This allows the exploitation of water resources which are usually lost during rainy years and high rainfall. The amount of the injected water could cover the need of the trees for several years (3 years) when the soil below 60 cm is thick (1 meter or more). This injected water is conserved in the deep soil layers (60 cm below the soil surface) and used later by the deep root systems of the trees during a long drought period (6 months till 3 years). During the drought the trees produce normally using the injected water.Thus for one wet year and one very wet year and for a hill reservoir, with a drainage basin of ​​700 hectares and a storage capacity of 300,000 cubic meters, these resources that might be injected into the deeper layers of soil rain fed farms are estimated to 1,550,000 meters. This volume injected by diffusers would keep in good production conditions 34 444 adult olive trees for three years. Each tree receives 15 cubic meters per year.

The injection of water in deep soil layers from natural sources

    Particularly during the period from October to May. During this part of the year, spring water, are often little used irrigation and are lost in the wadis, salty depressions or in the sea. We can estimate the volume of water lost and not recovered, for a source with an average flow of 1 liter / s, during wet and very wet years for 6 months (October to March when there is no use of natural sources water for irrigation, because there is sufficient rainwater seeped into the ground) to 23328 m3. This lost volume, if it was injected into the soil, is sufficient for 518 adult olive trees for three successive years of drought.

For long injection period (15 days to 90 days none stop: days and nights), it is recommended to use our energy less system of water pumping and distribution: The Draining Floater.

Anticipated Irrigation for orchard or forestry plantations and annual crops (corn, soybean, sunflower, sugar cane, millet, sorghum, cassava, etc…)

    Instead of irrigation during the hot or the dry season, the irrigation using Buried Diffusers is done during the autumn and winter or during the rainy season. The amount of water of the «Anticipated Irrigation» should cover the total need of the crop during the hot or dry season (spring and summer). This water amount is stored in the deep soil layers will be used by the deep or sub-surface roots systems of the crops. 

Anticipated Irrigation and Water Injection & Storage using The Buried Diffuser Water Injection and Anticipated Irrigation for Drought Mitigation (Flyer)